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Spell inside Vim with aspell

aspell is the spell checker replacement for ispell. It can be called by vim to check your texts.

Basic commands

First, you have to save the file (:w).

The command to call is the following:

	:!aspell -c %
where % will be remplaced by the name of the file being edited. If your text is in UTF-8, specify it with:
	:!aspell -c % --encoding=utf-8


You can add the following line to you .vimrc. Then the key F3 will call the speller in UTF-8 mode.

	map  :w!:!aspell -c % --encoding=utf-8:e! %

Vim 7

Spell functions are now integrated in Vim I have not yet tested it.
Last update: 2007/04/24